Friday, December 5, 2008

December Budget

For December:

Rent $277
Electric $49.80
Gas $33
Frontier $83.70
Verizon $59
Geico $51
Tivo $12.95
Netflix $5.33
Nails/Blow $60
Fuel $40 (if that, gas prices going down, and I'm not doing a lot of traveling)
Food $100
Tithing $120

Total Expenses : $891.78

Income Estimate:
Child Support $597.30
Wages $600

Report on last month. Did really well, keeping in budget. Spent about $200 on Christmas presents. I was very excited that Target was offering their Black Friday sales online. Didn't have to worry about crowds.

Everyone Enjoy your Christmas holiday!!

and remember the Zions tool, My Gift Planner to help you budget this holiday season!