Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thrift Store Sale!!!

So, a cute little store has opened up in my little town. Its a small thrifty clothing boutique. Its called The Paper Bag Boutique. We handle the accounts at the bank and when she came to make her deposits I asked how the store was going and she said that she was having a sale today. Fill up a bag and its only ten dollars. I told her I'd stop by as soon as I got off work. What a deal!!

For ten dollars I was able to get, one dress, 3 pairs of work slacks, 5 tshirts for the boys, 3 shirts for me, a pajama set for me, and a few other things. I also got a pair of brand new sandals for $3. Some of the shirts and slacks still had department store tags on them. One of the slacks was a Dockers brand. All the clothing is in near perfect condition.

I love this store!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Checking IN

So, I think March went really well. I thought i had blown the grocery budget but I hadn't. April is going to be a bit more difficult. I took a week off when my kids were sick and that really busted my paycheck.