Saturday, May 31, 2008

Financial Peace University

I went to the first class and it was great. I missed the second one, but I've been working through the workbook and learning a lot about myself and my money habits.

Its hard being a single person and trying to budget. Because there is no built in accountability partner. I'd like this blog to be part of my accountability system. Posting all of my financial oopses may help me to not make them anymore. And to my readers, feel free to give me a swift kick in the pants if you see me needing one. LOL, be gentle though.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making some cutbacks

So, I've been looking for ways to save money, I'm really starting to feel the panic set in of having enough and being able to pay for everything. So, I called the phone company to downsize my landline. I was paying for long distance that I wasn't using so I just wanted to go back to basic. Will be saving about $40 a month. I'm going really gung ho on savings. Putting $50 a week in a savings account, so $200 a month. I'm contemplating giving up having my nails done, I love it, but its really draining my cash flow. So, redone expenses budget

Tithing $120
Savings $200
Rent $277
Electric $70
Gas $50
Groceries $100
Phone/Internet $90
Cell $60
Fuel $100
Blow $50
Debt payments $200

I think that's it, but if anyone has any other ideas feel free to let me know

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I'm going to the Dave Ramsey Live event this Saturday!! I am so excited. I got discount tickets through work, and we were given permission to share the code, so if any of my readers are going to be in Salt Lake this Saturday, the promo code is ZIONSFPU

I can't wait! And I also found out that they are offering Financial Peace University at the CEU campus in Blanding. I'm going to go to that, the preview class is this tuesday.

Now for my personal update. I moved to a place that offers cheaper rent, I'll be saving close to $200. I am rebuilding my e-fund, paying minimums on my debts and getting things organized again.

I used the Economic Stimulus Rebate to pay some things down and get caught up on others. I'll be getting a bonus from work soon and will use that for the same thing.

If anyone gets a chance, listen to some of the podcasts of the Dave Ramsey show, especially on Fridays. Its very inspiring!